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Messages from your website to desktops and mobile phones

Increase your sales, win your clients back, and get new customers WITH NO ADVERTISING COSTS!

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CMS Plugins
and API

Easy and fast integration at any level


Full remarketing support for your business


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Customize the design and content of your push messages with flexible Pushem services.

What can push
notifications do?

Return up to 70% of
users to your website

Bring back users attracted with ads and SEO to your website and get more conversions!

Increase your sales
up to 10-fold

You can attract customers for promotions and sell additional and new products without advertising costs!

Reduce customer
cost by 300%

When you send notifications to users, you turn them into your clients. Get an unlimited sales cycle!

How do you achieve such results?

Stop wasting money on advertising!

90% of users visit a website once and forget about it. So, you lose 90% of your advertising budget because customers don't want to buy your product today, and instead buy the competitor's tomorrow. Push notifications remind them about you without constant charges and expensive remarketing costs. Pay once and return customers to your website for only 1 cent per click!*

*Depends on the selected product and the number of subscribers and notifications.


Sell 10 instead of 1!

Return customers to your website and get new sales without additional costs! Push notifications help your clients return after their first purchase and buy more.

According to statistics, push notifications double the number of returning users, increase sales by 30%, and increase conversion by 250%. This is more profitable than most advertising channels.


Turn your traffic into your audience!

Do you have your own blog or media? Notify your subscribers about new publications so they don't miss anything. E-mail notifications are extremely inefficient – only 20% of such messages are opened and read.

Push notifications can't be left unopened, unnoticed, or marked as junk mail. Users will definitely see it on their desktop. And they will visit your website in one click!

Plug-ins for
popular CMS

Pushem.net is easily integrated and installed on a website with 1 code line in 5 minutes.
You can also integrate pushem.net with a plug-in:

  • plagins-ico
  • plagins-ico
  • plagins-ico
  • plagins-ico
  • plagins-ico
  • plagins-ico
Open API

In addition, you can expand the service adding useful features via Open API.

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And also
in Offline!

We're doing everything to make push notifications up-to-date and effective for:
  • Stores
  • Banks and MfSCs
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Scheduled events
  • Delivery services
  • Betting agencies
Get materials for printing as a BONUS!
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Print a QR code
on any product
Client scans the QR code with a smartphone
Send notifications
to the client

Why Pushem is better than other channels?

Very low-cost

One client gained with Push’Em is 20-30 times cheaper than with a contextual advertising campaign. You don't have to invest large amounts and you get a regular customer base to work with.

More effective
than e-mail marketing

Push notifications are delivered directly to the desktop and cannot be missed, unopened, or marked as spam. Mailings are 7 times less effective.

Much faster
than SEO

Push notifications allow you to get customers and conversions instantly. No more waiting for web indexing, constant payments for links, and risks of failure.

Pricing Plans

$0 per month
Colibri Plan
  • Up to 500 subscribers ?
  • HTTP only ?
  • 5 images for notifications ?
  • Unlimited notifications ?
  • Notifications branding ?
  • Ads in widgets ?
  • Real-time statistics ?
$7.5 per month
Falcon Plan
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers ?
  • HTTP/HTTPS (WhiteLable) ?
  • 20 images for notifications ?
  • Unlimited notifications ?
  • Notifications branding ?
  • Real-time statistics ?
  • No Ads ?
$75 per month
Pelican Plan
  • Up to 50,000 subscribers ?
  • HTTP/HTTPS (WhiteLable) ?
  • 100 images for notifications ?
  • Unlimited notifications ?
  • Notifications branding ?
  • Real-time statistics ?
  • No Ads ?
Price Negotiable
Custom Solution
  • More 50,000 subscribers
  • Large images in notifications
  • Up to 2 CTA-buttons
  • Emoji support in messages
  • High-converting popups
  • Complete automation
  • Customized witgets

*month = 30 calendar days

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